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Last night when I couldn't get to sleep at all I ended up browsing Pandora and Youtube to find some new Dubstep artists for my collection...

I must say I ended up finding a lot of new good ones to add. It just sucks that I couldnt sleep at all..I was up until 2am because I was in pain.

If you don't know why, well I have a sty under my right eye and then I have a cyst in my right thumb making me very uncomfortable. I was going to do some cleaning today but the pain is making me want to just curl up in a ball and sleep. So today I started organizing my music and trying to relax some more. I can't wait until the pain is gone...I want to start working out and again and clean the house a bit.
So I am over being the weight I am. I am tired of not wanting to go out and enjoy myself because I'm so self conscious and when I actually do go outside, I wear a sweater no matter what temperature it is. I had a friend who did the same thing and I told myself that I would never get to that point, but I am now at that point. Guess being a house wife and being on the computer all day is how it happened.

Luckily the past few weeks I've been casually working out and rebuilding my stamina and my core strength. I already feel better even though I haven't really lost any weight. Last night I was chatting with a good friend of mine and she is signed up for a website called which I went ahead and signed up for. I am changing my work out schedule along with other things in my daily activities to get to my goal. I know I can do it, I just have an issue getting motivated to do it. Luckily with my friend being there on the site, I have someone else going through what I'm going through and it should help me get to my goal even faster.

Been stressing lately and getting frustrated over little things. More than likely it's because I am just angry with myself. Don't feel like getting into that one though, but I know I will get better and get out of this feeling soon. *deep breath* Alright, time to go play some Kinect Sports and then work out. Go me.
So lately I've been having trouble sleeping. Like...really bad. I get an hour or so and then I am up. If it's not the neighbors making noise, then it's a pain somewhere in my back or shoulders or legs or something. If it's not that, then it's bad dreams. I have had so many bad dreams lately...I make myself wake up from them. Then of course they stay in my mind for a while and I can't go back to sleep.

I then get up and after Ken goes to work, I clean, I cook, I work out, and I work on the features for The Writer's Forum along with other things in between. Then all I want to do is lay down and take a nap but during the day I have issues sleeping unless I'm sick. I might as well be sick. I just don't have the energy to do what I need to do...but I do manage to push through somehow. I might look into getting some herbal supplements that are meant to relax you and sleep better. I used to have some a few years ago and it did help, but I haven't bothered getting more.

So yeah that's my dilemma lately. I just want a few nights of good sleep to recharge. *sighs*
So today was a decent day up until after Ken got home from work. He decided he wanted to go out and pick up some food which I was fine with since it wasn't raining at that time. Go figure that once we got into the car and started driving, the storm came in really fast. It was pouring to the point where you barely could see in front of you and there was lightning and thunder of course. We were going slow and taking our time since we weren't in a rush and because the storm was really bad.

On our way back we were at a red light just talking and waiting for it to turn green. All of a sudden, a car from behind hydroplaned into the back of our car, lifting it off the ground since his car was low to the ground and his hood went under our car. I hurt my neck and my ribs and I was so shaken, I started to cry. When we pulled over and Ken got out of the car, he found out that this guy did not have a license, registration, insurance, nor did he speak English. Ken asked for my phone cause he forgot his at home and went out into the rain again to take pictures and then called the insurance company to get things sorted out on our end to protect our butts and to look into that person's background to see if he had insurance or not. Luckily we weren't hurt, just a little bruised. Mainly me though, Ken was completely fine.

Then once we got home, Ken found out that he did actually have his phone on his pocket. And I found out that while he was using my phone, the water got into the headphone hole and now my IPhone doesn't play sounds at all. Thanks yeah my night sucked a lot. Guess I'm just going to curl up and pass out...or at least try.
Today was a great morning so far. I woke up, did some yoga, then went to the park for almost two hours. I had my music blaring in my ears and I spent my time walking and swinging on the swings. I felt so at peace. I've been needing to work out more since my weight loss has slowed down a lot so I decided that every morning I will do yoga and go on a long walk before starting my day. I miss going to the park alone with my music to unwind. I definitely plan on putting the park back on my list to do in the morning.
Always wanted to create a DeviantArt page, just never got around to doing it yet. So here I am, and eventually I will start putting content on it. Hello all.